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All About Magic Nuudles

Magic Nuudles

Captain Creative sells a variety of high quality products in the Arts and Crafts, Education, and Toy Industries. The majority of our products are made in the United States including our Paint Products, Sponges, Stickers, Super Shapes, and Magic Nuudles. Magic Nuudles are completely non-toxic they are so safe you can pop them in your mouth and let them disolve, the only problem is they don't taste good! They are made of cornstarch and food coloring. The cornstarch is sticky so all you have to do is dampen the Magic Nuudles and they stick to each other or to paper. They are washable just use a little Dawn dish soap to get the stain out prior to the washing machine. We ship out of Dallas, Texas where our warehouse and corporate offices are located. If you would like to purchase Magic Nuudles we strongly recommend any of the retailers on our "Where to buy" list of customers. Magic Nuudles come in two color schemes the Bold Nuudles, which are the basic colors and the Bright color scheme that could also be described as Pastel.

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